Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Friday, August 24, 2007

Greg Starks resigns CFAB -- or, not ?

Greg Starks, rather late, resigns from the CFAB Committee -- or not -- says in the Dodge City Daily Globe "Starks steps down as CFAB head" that he is taking a "temporary leave of absence from the board ?"

I don't remember the "temporary not on the committee" part of the city rules ? Seems you are either on a committee or not. Either the committee has the number of voting members required or not, and the agreement between the city and the county on the Why Not Dodge projects certainly has the number of required members on CFAB in it.

Any one know about rules on this ?

Given the previous major impact of Mr. Starks and Boot Hill Gaming on the possible location of the Events Center (and our $30 million dollars in tax money)-- especially without full disclosure on his legal involvement on the Boot Hill Gaming board -- having a full committee should be the rule. Not just "don't look behind the curtain" style of committee membership.

Let your commission members know that a full CFAB is critical as we start to actually make decisions on how to spend a very large amount of tax money.

Jim Sherer
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E. Kent Smoll
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VOF Johnson said...

Most interesting. Mayor Smoll appears to have been had on this one as he explicitly stated to me personally that Mr. Starks would either "resign from the CFAB" or would be fired from the job. A "leave of absence" hardly seems sufficient to deflect the appearance of impropriety. Moreover, it is about 6 months too late as Mr. Starks has already participated in decisions on the Special Events Center which "appear" to involve conflict of interest due to his positions (at that time) on both the CFAB and Boot Hill Gaming, Inc. board.

Mr. Thorpe's most recent comment includes the phrase "everyone knows that...". Pretty obviously, everyone does NOT know all the goings on of Boot Hill Gaming, The Boot Hill Museum, The City Commission, and the CFAB or we wouldn't be having this little discussion!

Considering the amount of money involved and the huge impact on our community, can anyone blame us for being a bit suspicious? No one from Boot Hill Gaming, Boot Hill Museum, the City Commission or any other organization involved in the casino project has coordinated anything with the current non-profit tourism groups who supposedly will benefit from the new non-profit which, according to Mr. Thorpe, will benefit them all. Shouldn't they be included in the planning or is this "I'm from Boot Hill Gaming and I'm here to help"?

Moreover, numerous expert studies hired by the city over the past 10 years indicate that the Special Events Center must be placed as close to the city core as possible. Why, then, are we talking about putting the casino AND SEC on the periphery of town? Are we really smarter than all the experts? Some seem to think they are.

Time for a reality check, gentlemen.

The Maples said...

Where is the casino going to be built?