Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kansas Casino Awarded Butler National, Dodge City Casino, Ford County Kansas 5-2 decision by Kansas Gaming Casino Review Board

From the Dodge City Daily Globe, Dodge City casino contract awarded to Butler National: 5 - 2 vote by Kansas Gaming Commission Casino Review Board

Butler gets the contract on a 5-2 vote. Board Chairman Matt All and Jim Bergfalk supported the D.C. Resort proposal. The other members favored Butler.

Next up, a background check.

Even I suggest that the background checks will go well for the local folks financially involved or as representatives. More interesting is how much Why Not Dodge? sales tax money will be used for the infrastructure.

Time for follow-up to great Dodge City Daily Globe article on that $34 million possible tax dollar cost (in twenty or thirty years, it might be paid back -- ) by now new managing editor Mark Vierthaler. Tax payers would be smart to get involved.

Casinos by state of Kansas gaming casino law are to use no tax money at all -- although a court has refused to rule on the use of benefits such as city water/sewer being put in 50 feet away, etc. in locations that would never be used for city property normally. This involves a huge ecological cost, too.

If Dodge City and Ford County citizens require it, cost savings would be massive if the infrastructure cost is shared and shared fairly. Butler publicly promised to pay their fair share -- I hear one third of it being the opening bid... I would go one half.