Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the lucky winner is -- Budweiser Joe

As we reported earlier, Casino Budweiser Joe Bogner -- as reported in the Dodge City Daily Globe -- is one lucky guy on that land sale -- why not with all those connections. Hey, he didn't even vote for his own sell/purchase -- something Mr. Starks just doesn't get.

Speaking of just not getting things, seems that some Dodge City Commissioners think you got to make money to have a conflict of interest. As we posted earlier -- no, you do not have to make money -- the potential is enough for conflict under the Kansas Attorney General rulings. (See: Kansas: definition of substantial interest

Which one of the tourism venues cut out of CFAB money by Greg Starks should officially ask the City Manager/City Attorney/ etc. to rule on CFAB Chair/Boot Hill Gaming Inc. Board Member Starks -- whether he can legally vote for anything connected with any potential benefits to the casino, ie., the location of the Events Center.

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