Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Friday, March 28, 2008

1st Annual Legends of McCarty Speedway, May 24 & 25

Put it on your calender now -- 1st Annual Legends of McCarty Speedway, Dodge City Raceway Park, May 24 & 25

Both nights will feature a program of weekly racers highlighted by the "Boot Hill 1000." Details to follow.

1956 Trophy Dash Champion Race Team, No. 98 Jalopy, McCarty Speedway, Wright Park, Dodge City, KS.

Junior (Cecil) Maupin, Jr. driver, with (from l.) Hank
(Henry) Palmer, car builder; Bud Stanley, chief mechanic; Burney Faulkner and unknown -- the 1933 Ford coupe jalopy racer's first-class crew, rare in 1956. Note matching overalls and bill-less caps, and also infamous McCarty Speedway's tin fence in background.

No deaths were recorded at races on McCarty Speedway, which featured two dirt tracks -- a 1/2-mile track for motorcycles and horses, and a 1/4-mile track for cars. (Photograph courtesy: Roger and Troy Burnett, Dodge City, KS.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dodge City Commission Candidates & Casino $34 million infrastructure

Dodge City Commission Candidate Forum, High Plain Journal conference room, Sat., March 15, 10 a.m.

Suggested by many that this public candidate forum on Saturday will be a great opportunity to ask serious questions about the possible tax payer costs and underwriting of the casino infrastructure through the Special Events Center forced location next to the for-profit privately managed state-owned casino.

It has been noted often that the major forces for this Events Center location were people directly involved (ie., CFAB Chair Greg Starks, although at the time not to the public) with the private casino related Boot Hill Gaming Inc. and thus would gain financially by the tax payers' money. It is illegal under Kansas State laws to have ANY tax money used for the casinos.

Time for potential and current city commissioners to be asked how they plan on paying for the huge increased infrastructure costs for the Events Center by the far out-of-town locations. And how that cost will be passed on to the two possible casinos.

Since the Events Center is budgeted at $30 million dollars and the casinos at over $60 million dollars or more each -- looks like at least 2/3s of the cost should be carried by the casinos, or more, since their needs for sewers (hotels, etc.) are massively different than the Events Center's.

Be sure to go to this forum and be sure to ask very pointed questions. It may be the only time that these candidates have to publicly answer.

Signed: Uncle George

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Special Dodge City Commission meeting -- Monday, March 3, 5:30 p.m. -- Casinos, event center

Looks like anybody wanting to hold on to their tax money better be at this one. Wonder how the casinos will pay for their infrastructure? Wonder where the water will come from? But, hey, with that $34 million infrastructure, we'll have the most expensive $30 million dollar events center in the country. Bonus?

City Commission Chambers
Monday, March 3, 2008 5:30 p.m.


1. Review and Action on Butler National Memorandum of Understanding
Re: Butler National Casino/Event Center Proposal

2. Review and Action on Global Entertainment Consulting Agreement
Re: Special Event Center

3. Review and Action on Joint Communication Board Agreement Amendments

4. Review and Action on Dodge City Resort & Gaming Casino Endorsement Resolution