Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kansas Gaming Director Stephen Martino: Higher ethics required for gambling management

Stephen Martino, Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission Executive Director, gave a speech (with questions taken) to the Dodge City Rotary Club public lunch forum held Wednesday, July 23. The major keynote and theme of the speech was Mr. Martino's clear and serious statements about the ethics rules imposed on the whole KS Gaming commission -- not only can they not have any financial interest,etc., in a Kansas casino, but can't even stay at the future hotels that will part of the Ford County - Dodge City casino when built.

Stephen Martino has been in the position since appointed in 2005 by Governor Sebelius. He is a lawyer, and also founded the Kansas Responsible Gambling Alliance, "a group of state agencies and interest groups involved in responsible gambling promotion and problem gambling treatment."

It will be of interest how local conflict of interest issues affect the casino review board's decision -- Mr. Martino is not on it -- but if his speech is any indication, it wouldn't seem good for any applicant to be anywhere near any ethical or legal issues at all, let along be directly involved in a formal business manner.

The issue will be presented in the brief comment section of the July 31st public hearings in Dodge City for Butler National Services Inc. and Dodge City Gaming Inc.

Whatever the outcome, Mr. Martino was very sincere and serious about the requirement of his agency to hold to a higher ethical standard than even required by law.

Thank you for that, Stephen.

Best, Uncle George
(note: no financial connections to any of the proposals, the land, the land sales, the road construction, the water wells, none, nope.)

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Phant309 said...

I follow your blog and look forward to your post 7/31 thoughts.