Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dodge City Resort and Gaming Co. presentation:

Dodge City Casino Presentation by Dodge City Resort and Gaming Co.

...If Dodge City Resort and Gaming's proposal is selected by the Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board for further development, the casino would be built on 281 acres in the northeast corner of the city by Highway 50. The Western-style casino would consist of 800 gaming machines, 20 gaming tables, conventions and meeting rooms, three rodeo arenas, an RV park and livestock showroom and several buildings reminiscent of Front Street in the 1880s....

...During the first year of operation, the casino developer would pay the state about $13 million in gaming revenues as well as property, local and sales taxes, said Joseph. Of that amount, $1.3 million would be split evenly between the Ford County and Dodge City....

Time that Dodge City and Ford County citizens faced facts -- $1.3 million oh boy -- with need for expanded fire, EMS and police force....... property taxes watch out. We're high anyway. Guess we're going to be higher.

Makes matters even more expensive for the Butler National Services proposal -- way out 2 miles west of town. No fire/EMS near it at all. Will require a new fire station I would bet. Money, money, money. And none of it for you or me. Darn it. Unless you're the winner at the casino. Yup, that one. Or you're the real estate CFAB chair broker for Butler National, if they get it.

Don't bet on that yet, folks. The massive complaints about conflict of interest concerning one CFAB Chair Greg Starks may take up an hour at the July 31st public statement part of the review. Might make a difference, might not.

But given the time delays that could be caused by legal action against the Events Center location, et al, I would suggest that the Kansas state review board (hi, board members) might not want to bet on income for the state of Kansas for a long time if that west location is chosen -- unless one CFAB Chair resigns before the July 31 meeting. Then, no issue.

Best, Uncle George (note: no financial connections to any of the proposals, the land, the land sales, the road construction, the water wells, none, nope.)

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