Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dodge City Casino: (Sic et non; Yes and No)

1) Boot Hill Gaming Inc. is the applicant. (Sic et non; Yes and No)

They seemed to be the applicant until the applicant, Butler National Services Gaming Inc. applied. Now, they aren't in the application at all.

2) Jeff Thorpe speaks for Boot Hill Gaming Inc. (Sic et non; Yes and No)

Mr. Thorpe seemed to speak for Boot Hill Gaming Inc. when he spoke to the Kansas Legislative committee on the casino bill, but now seems to be speaking for Butler National Services Gaming Inc., although never stated in what financial relationship.

3) Boot Hill Museum Inc. will benefit directly from casino. (Sic et non; Yes and No)

Boot Hill Museum Inc., which at the time owned Boot Hill Gaming Inc. which at the time had the Ford Commission Chair and the Dodge City Mayor and the Chair of the CFAB Committee on its board -- a major point in getting the casino bill to re-include Ford County, all the community involved and money to Boot Hill Museum -- but now with a whole different applicant, many board members leaving Boot Hill Gaming Inc. and Boot Hill Museum now just in one of the 22-counties that is to received money from an unnamed to-be-Incorporated non-profit, hard to say.

4) Greg Starks not on CFAB due to conflicts of interest. (Sic et non; Yes and No)

Mr. Starks seems to be both on and off of the committee. Again, what it means and is it legal has not been questioned by any of the City Commission, etc.

Confused ? We know we are. If it didn't deal with $30 million in tax money (that's public money, folks), it would just be amusing. Since it does directly affect your Events Center (ie., Butler didn't want horses near their casino, so no horses ... duh, is this the Old West or what ?)

Stay tuned. [Sic et Non, an early scholastic text whose title translates from Latin as "Yes and No," was written by Peter Abelard. It juxtaposes apparently contradictory quotations from the Church Fathers on many of the traditional topics of Christian theology, circa 1200.]

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uncle george said...

The actual statements by Jeff Thorpe in March 2007 to the State of Kansas Leg. Committee:

"...Dodge City has proposed that a percentage of gross gaming revenues may be
dedicated to fund the development of a grant pool, administered through the Kansas
Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Development Division, for memberentities
of ‘Wild West Country’, an unfunded regional tourism group comprised of 22
counties in southwest Kansas. We believe that by funding such grant-pool, members of
this southwest Kansas tourism coalition will effectively gain a participatory ownership in
the Dodge City casino complex that directly enhances the tourism and economic
development projects in their individual communities. In other words, each memberentity
has the opportunity to directly benefit from expanded gaming through funding of
their local individual tourism and economic development activities...."

Certainly, this was a positive way to get SW Kansas support for the vote. What is going to replace this group and why ?