Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Monday, July 30, 2007

Makes your heart warm when good things happen to good people

Can't name names yet, but it seems that good things have happened, almost out of the blue, to good people, re: land sales for Event/Casino Center.

Stay tuned as we found out what lucky fellow has sold land to the Dodge City/Boot Hill Gaming Inc./CFAB/Ford County Commission -- hard to know which name should come first each time, isn't it ?

Only millions of dollars involved of public money. Hey, nice to see a fellow get a break, huh?


VOF Johnson said...

Most interesting goings on! Rumor has it (and at this point it is just unconfirmed rumor) that Boot Hill Gaming, Inc. bought the land from one of its own board members.

I wonder if Mr. Starks, another one of its board members, profited as the broker?

Inquiring minds.....

Western Heritage Fan said...

When does "Public Trust" and "Conflict of Interest" regarding the BH Gaming Board and the CFAB, and their membership become an issue in this community? Where is the Daily Globe? Why aren't they protecting us from this blatant self interest?

Joe said...

Western Heritage Fan,

The Globe has never and will never be any help to the citizen. They along with many businesses are to afraid to stand up against the powers that be in this community. Believe me the individuals who control city hall and the cfab can cause an individual alot of pain and grief. Besides that to step forward and say what is going on requires proof, and that's hard to get.

So, "Public Trust" and "Conflict of Interest" have just become meaningless in Dodge. No-one can blow the whistle and be protected.