Our Western Heritage

Our Western Heritage
Front Street, Dodge City, circa 1879

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Updated: Boot Hill Museum -- always a bridemaid, never the bride

Update: Jeff Thorpe states Butler Gaming applicant (nee, Boot Hill Gaming, Inc.) will include Boot Hill Museum Inc. and an unnamed, being organized, non-profit related to tourism for percentage of profit of the casino. Next update: When applications are made.

Boot Hill Museum cutting Boot Hill Gaming Inc. [See above update] Boot Hill Museum Inc., Boot Hill Gaming Inc. subsidiary looking at split

Several people who served on Boot Hill Gaming's board, including Ford County Commission Chairman Kim Goodnight, Dodge City Mayor Kent Smoll and former City Manager Jeff Pederson, have stepped down to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest.

Community Facilities Advisory Board Chairman Greg Starks resigned from the Boot Hill Gaming board last month after the CFAB expressed interest in building the special events center alongside the casino.

[Update: Jeff Thorpe has promised that Boot Hill Gaming Inc./Butler Gaming Inc. will apply for casino management, based on guaranteed money to Boot Hill Museum Inc.

Still an issue: that your $30 million in tax money will be sent to the casino -- mini-Civic Center --


Jeff Thorpe said...

This statement is completely untrue. In fact, Boot Hill Museum's board met Thursday to review their inclusion in the proposal to Lottery. Under Butler Natl's proposal, the Museum will receive 1% of gaming revenues. That has been our goal for 7 years and everyone knows that. Mission accomplished.

On top of that, it's expected that additional funds from gaming operations that will be directed to a new non-profit development fund for tourism and historical projects. That new fund is currently being created.

I fail to understand those who shoot from the sidelines, offer no constructive help, and then create untruths. In this case, statements by George Laughead are a fabrication, meant only to harm others - I urge you to call any Boot Hill Board member to verify my statement. A lie is a lie and should be revealed as such - not just ignored!

Jeff Thorpe

uncle george said...

Not my statements, but glad that Mr. Thorpe has sent his correction. For those of us that voted for an events center to be used by all citizens and to help downtown Dodge City and not be tied to a privately run, state owned casino -- one I'll never be in, nor organize meetings for -- confusion about all the conflicts of interest involved still stand. Glad that promises are being made to help Boot Hill Museum Inc.

But, Mr. Thorpe has the wrong author. And my push for a world class archive/museum certainly do no harm. Unlike some, I have no financial interest in any of this at all -- except as improvements might help bring tourists to Dodge.